History, Goal and Purpose

In 2010 a group of area pastors, desiring gospel-centered fellowship, formed the Pastor's Fellowship of Delmarva.  The PFD is comprised of pastors from Baptist, Presbyterian, Bible, and non-denomintional churches who "agree on the gospel and discuss everything else."  In 2012 the PFD  discussed the idea of a local conference, for members of area local churches that would be focused on helping them reconnect to their gospel roots as well as their historical roots.  And so Roots was born.  Roots is a one day conference sponsored by the pastors of the PFD and the churches they represent.

The purpose of this year's conference is to communicate and teach the importance of Biblical authority in the life of the local church. One can hardly pass for being an evangelical Christian without affirming the basic doctrine of Biblical inspiration and authority. However, it is one thing to affirm Biblical authority and another thing to live it out. What does a church look like that is seriously and honestly engaged in the mandate of bringing itself under the authority of Godís Word? Are we just speaking ďChristianeseĒ or do we really mean it? By Godís grace this conference will help us answer this question for our own lives and churches.

We hope you will join us at this year's event.



Sponsoring Churches from the Pastor's Fellowship of Delmarva

Berean Community Church in Milford, DE, Pastors Nate Graham & John St. Pierre

Calvary Baptist Church in Georgetown, DE, Pastor Peter Radford & Matt Talosa

Bible Fellowship Church in Camden, DE, Pastor Ray Bertolet

Covenant Family Church in Centerville, MD, Pastor Chris Williams

First Baptist Church in Laurel, DE, Pastor Jim Mento

Georgetown Community Church in Georgetown, DE, Pastor John Marvel

Grace Community Church in Wilmington, DE, Pastor Paul Shirley

Grace & Truth Community Church in Felton, DE, Pastors Rick Hensley & Billy Rosano

Harrington Baptist Church in Harrington, DE, Pastor Daniel Walton

Harvest Baptist Church in Salisbury, MD, Pastor Keith Myer

New Life Bible Fellowship Church in Millsboro, DE, Pastor Andy Barnes

Sussex County Bible Church in Harbeson, DE, Pastors Duane Smith & Josh Marlowe

Trinity Church in Smyrna, DE, Pastors Mike Osborne and Dan Lerro


















contact: info@rootsconf.org